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Builder. Love great and smart design. Entrepreneurial mind & spirit. Product driven with getting things done mentality. User & customer obsessed. Fast learner. Hands-on. Highly motivated. Love taking risks and bold bets. Not afraid to learn something new. Love meeting new people and talking about the future. Trying to figure out what’s next.


Technical: Objective-C & Swift, javascript, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, AngularJS , parse-server’s top contributor. Know how to get around in AWS.

Product: Design, UI/UX wire-framing, Prototyping with Photoshop & Marvel. Story telling

Management: Scrum, Kanban, PO, Recruit & Interviewing. Skill and Cultural fit validation


In 2010, I won the first prize in literature from Young Thai Artist Award, the biggest award for students in Thailand. Moreover, I also have several works published in magazines.

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Screen Writer

In 2013, I co-wrote  “Last Summer”,  Thai Horror-Drama movie.

The movie was released in theater on 27 June 2013 and grossed 30 million THB. Last Summer was official selection in BUSAN International film festival in Korea.

You can grab the DVD here.


I was the guitar player of the SixtyNine-Band and the Chulalongkorn University Big Band from 2007 to 2012. I also wrote a commercial song for K-Bank (CAMP).

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Works & Achievement

Tweetmap for iPhone

Tweetmap introduce a new way to explore tweets. Showing nearby tweet help you know what happen in realtime.

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Secondz – Anonymous video sharing

Taking video with secondz is fun. You can watch, create and share short video anytime, anywhere. Anonymously. No question asked

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Dateup : The simple dating website

Experiment dating website inspired by tinder (mobile)


experiment complaint website “onestar”. The website that will show you the ‘worst’ place around you.

You as a stranger

The web non-social experiment. using html5 video api and voice recognition. Part of Dev-arts project from Google

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combyne App

I am Chief Technical Officer, platform visionary at combyne GmbH. combyne lets you be creative with the very best in fashion. Playfully combine pieces pieces from a curated selection of current, vintage and historic fashion and create your personal outfits.


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Agent-Base Music Composer

Agent base music composer is a platform for every one to experience in experimental music. I created this for the senior project during my education at Chulalongkorn University Bangkok. I use adobe flash technology to provide all the possibilities in web. It still buggy but anyway, have fun !

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SHOUT! Project

Shout is a Location-Based Social net work service. I started this project with my friends in Bangkok. You can find more information here

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Good Morning Sunshine

I won first prize in literature award. Here is the judges comment : “Every chapter in Good Morning Sunshine reflects the way of life of people in the ever-change society. The character are subtly and artistically created to arouse reader’s interest to follow the lives of the three men from the start through the end.  Good Morning Sunshine so fascinating that readers can hardly put it down. “

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Last Summer

“With layers, surprises, and the focus on human weakness rather than the ghost’s strength, Last Summer is a pleasant surprise amidst the glut of trashy horror. It’s ironic that the film is least impressive when it labours to be scary _ the reliance of the same-old shallow-focus composition, hammering sound-effect cues and the struggle to create a visual fright are yawn-inducing. Watch out for men, not ghosts, and Last Summer proves the old saying that the living are scarier than the dead.”  – Kong Rithdee
, Deputy Life Editor of Bangkok Post.

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You can listen to SixtyNine’s songs here.

Or try our channel.

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